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My peer-reviewed academic research publications include: 

Blanchard, L., Sandbrook, C.G., Fisher, J. and Vira, B. "Investigating the Consistency of a Pro-Market Perspective Amongst Conservationists" Chapter 6 in The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs: Rethinking the Boundaries, October 2017

Blanchard, L. and Vira, B. "Interrogating Public Debates over Jurisdictional REDD+ in California's Global Warming Solutions Act: Implications for Social Equity" Chapter 10 in The Carbon Fix: Forest Carbon, Social Justice, and
Environmental Governance
, December 2016

Blanchard, L.; Sandbrook, C.; Fisher, J. and Vira, B. "Investigating consistency of a pro-market perspective amongst conservationists," Conservation & Society, June 2016

Blanchard, L.; Vira, B; and Briefer, L. "The Lost Narrative: Ecosystem Service Narratives and the Missing Wasatch Watershed Conservation Story,"
Ecosystem Services, December 2015

* This paper is now part of the Cambridge University conservation leadership
teaching curriculum and has received coverage from Cambridge University and the Conversation.

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